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Regional branding efforts are becoming increasingly popular as smaller cities and regions lose populations to urban centers. Branding a region is no different than branding a product: you want to create a sense of personal identity using something that is distinctive or compelling.

The idea of “what is unique?” goes back to the initial visioning sessions, where residents highlighted he positives of the area. In the five communities throughout the parish, several answers came up repeatedly, including:

  • French heritage
  • Cajun culture
  • Rice
  • Crawfish

Ideally, a brand should be developed around only one of these ideas, or two ideas that are intrinsically and visually related, such as French heritage and Cajun culture. Incorporating multiple identities within a cohesive brand is difficult and detracts from the strength of the overall brand.

Based on these preliminary ideas, three brand concepts were conceptualized. The parish should collectively decide on a brand identity, and from there, the sky is the limit. The brand can be used to create cohesive wayfinding throughout the parish, and on digital and print marketing materials.

Brand Concept 1

Branding Concept 1

Brand Concept 2

Branding Concept 2

Brand Concept 3

Branding Concept 3